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CDC Commercial Inc was founded by Don Zech in 1996 building upon his 12 successful years in the commercial real estate business. The company has chosen the colors of gold and green because they represent wealth and riches, but also because of their distinctive visibility– Caltrans tested!

The company’s logo is a pyramid which represents strength and one of history’s earliest and strongest commercial buildings. “The pyramid has always reflected my personal philosophy as a balance between physical, mental and spiritual strengths.” The pyramid also evolves into our business plan with the base representing the company attributes, our research and training. Core values are incorporated in the upper half of the pyramid. CDC Commercial Inc is a personal service company, and as such, must have an overriding strength in its personal philosophy of doing business.

Over the years, CDC Commercial Inc has served literally thousands of individuals, in addition to small and large businesses, multi-national corporations, investment groups and major developers. We offer personal “on-the-street” experience with over 25 years of expertise locating the “right” property for our clients. The beauty of the business plan being incorporated in our logo is that our business plan is incorporated in every piece of business we do!


You can’t see it, hear it or touch it, but we all know when we feel it. Chemistry is essential for any successful relationship. A relationship is more than a history of doing business. It’s a link based on mutual understanding and trust. To grow, it must be fostered through tangible effort and attention.

We at CDC Commercial Inc understand what it takes to make a relationship work. This understanding takes shape in all our policies, practices and plans. CDC Commercial Inc is committed to providing highly responsive, quality service that adds value and exceeds expectations. Your real estate objectives are capably fulfilled when you form a business relationship with us.

Mission Statement

CDC Commercial’s mission is to conduct a real estate business that adds value by facilitating the decision process for our clients, the owners and users of real estate. Our core products are “service” and “information”. We create relationships by delivering our services and information with a “high tech” and a “soft touch” method.

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