A relationship is more than a history of doing business. It is a link based on mutual understanding and trust.

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Over the years, CDC Commercial Inc has served literally thousands of individuals in addition to small and large businesses, multinational corporations, investment groups and major developers.

Our core products are “service” and “information” which we deliver in a “high tech” and “soft touch” method. We’re in the Relationship business!
“Life stagnates without challenges – bring us your challenges.”

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RSS San Diego Business Journal Stories

  • Building Bridges and Diversifying San Diego June 30, 2022
    After more than two decades in the financial world, Jeremy Wilson has found the strongest investment with the best balance for his career has had the biggest payout -- helping support the LGBTQ+ business community in San Diego County and advocating for mainstream acceptance of diversity.
    Karen Pearlman
  • Frontwave Credit Union Buys Arena Naming Rights June 30, 2022
    Frontwave Credit Union based in Oceanside has bought the naming rights to a new indoor arena in the El Corazon section of the city and is running a series of what it calls “give-back” events that started in May with free gas.
    Ray Huard
  • GigTown Books a Post-Pandemic Reboot June 30, 2022
    When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the live music industry was one of the first to shutter. Not the most ideal time to take over a web-platform company that connects musicians to fans and venues, but ....
    Jeff Clemetson
  • Big Bay Boom Returning to San Diego Bay June 30, 2022
    With the Fourth of July on its way, organizers of the Big Bay Boom fireworks show are preparing for another spectacle in the skies over San Diego Bay.
    Brad Graves

How is CDC Different?

  • We Listen. What you have to tell us is important. We recommend solutions only when we understand your requirements.
  • We Customize. Your requirements determine what we provide.
  • We are Accountable. You are speaking to the man at the top!
  • We Create Teams. Through networks, affiliations and relationships we team with service providers to help you (insurance, lending, construction).
  • We Have Roots. Not branches! We may be small but we are firmly planted in our community.
  • We Are In One Business. We don’t sell insurance, property management, or houses, but we do lease and sell commercial real estate.
  • We Value Your Business. Your business is the business that makes our business work and we know it! We get paid for results!

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