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My First Day as a Blogger

‘m still not sure about this. It is easy to type and rant but who really cares to read it. I already write my monthly letter and many read and enjoy that. I live on the phone and by email. I even use instant messaging with my co workers and my kids. I think my goal as a blogger (if I am going to even become one) is to give my clients (and maybe the world!) a little better visibility as to what is going on in the market, little snippets of trends or things I see happening. I guess if you take a top down look at this, it starts with our business plan and model (Our Pyramid which is part of our Logo and has all of our personal and business philosophy posted on it – see “Our Mission Statement” on our Web Page) and annually you get a look at the past year and our forecast of the next year (See “Gold Report” on our Web Site), this is of course is supplemented by our Monthly Letter (See “Monthly Letter” on our Web Site). Now you’ll get my near minute be minute look at market activity, breaking news and it’s affect on things, deals done or being done, case studies and more links or useful attachments that might help you, the owners and users of commercial real estate.

So, all in all this might be fun. One more thing to keep me busy though … hmm. These days I feel like I am going so fast I am being physically separated from my shadow (I even had to hold the elevator for it the other day!).


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